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VLSI Design

     CIS' design team members are experts in all phases of CMOS custom integrated circuit design. CIS has additional experience in BiCMOS, Bipolar, and CMOS memory and imaging technologies. The team has a strong focus on custom design, and is comfortable with automatic layout techniques for digital designs, such as standard cell synthesis and automatic place and route. Customers can reduce design cycle time by taking advantage of CIS's Intellectual Property (IP), or by using CIS's expertise to accelerate their own IP development cycle.

Engineering Design Services:
  • RF Analog design including:
    • AM/FM
    • LNA
    • Mixer
    • Low voltage designs
  • Analog circuit design including:
    • Op Amp, comparator, VCO, and PLL designs
    • Continuous and switch capacitor filter design
    • Analog to digital converter design
  • Digital circuit design
  • I/O circuit design (especially SCSI and LVDS)
  • Memory design (especially ROM)
  • System level design including:
    • Chip architecture and logic design
    • DSP, RISC, and µP programming and integration
    • Embedded controller software development
    • Test specifications and pattern generation
  • µ probing and debugging service
  • Chip photographic, analysis, and reversal service
Layout Design Services:
  • Analog, mixed signal, and digital CMOS LSI custom circuit layout
  • Semi custom ASIC circuit design including:
  • Cell library generation and process migration
  • Standard Cell, Megacell and I/O Cell design
  • Special purpose ASIC cell circuit design, layout, and CAD interface
  • Special chip interface cells (i.e. SCSI, PCI, LED, analog, etc.)
  • High density chip floor planning
  • HDL (Verilog or VHDL) synthesis to ASIC or high density full custom layout
  • Process and design rule migration for existing chip design; arbitration and adjustments
  • CAD tool maintenance, programming, networking and training
CIS Staff has a broad experience with many ASIC tools including:
  • Cadence - Virtuoso and Diva
  • Mentor Graphics - IC Station and Calibre
  • Avant! - Apollo
List of CIS customers:
  • NEC
  • Western Digital Corp.
  • Niigata Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
  • QLogic
  • Sigmax Technology
  • Silicon Systems Inc./Texas Instruments
  • Standard Microsystems Corp.
  • Conexant
  • Nanochip
  • Sharp
  • Wavecom
  • And others

    CIS Offers the Following Standard Products for Customization, Development, Integration, and Production:
  • State of the art CMOS MASK ROM designs: 4M, 8M, 16Mbit
  • Multiband Audio Network (MAN) related telecommunication products, systems, modules, software and chips
CIS Engineering Resources

System Resources:
  • Two system engineers (with strong VLSI background)
  • Two software engineers
  • Two technicians
  • Three PCB design workstations
  • Two software development workstations
  • Test and characterization lab equipment
  • Prototype construction
  • Circuit Design Resources
  • Four circuit design engineers
  • Four circuit design workstations
  • Proprietary automatic transistor sizing software

VLSI Layout Resources:
  • Two full-time layout designers
  • Four layout designers if include circuit design engineers
  • Four layout design workstations
  • Full Dracula software for DRC, ERC, LVS, LPE
  • Proprietary automatic cell layout software
  • Symbolic and geometric layout techniques
  • HP DesignJet 800 Color Plotter
Test Resources:
  • One test engineer
  • Wentworth analytic micro probe station
  • Pico probe
  • Laser cutter
  • Alessi micro probe station
  • Custom design analog/digital tester
  • HP logic analyzer
  • HP spectrum analyzer
  • Thermal test chamber (-73C to +315C)
  • Olympus VANOX microscope with 35mm and Polaroid capabilities
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