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CIS has experts in Analog and Mixed Signal Engineering, Design, and Layout. Our experts understand and practice all of the popular analog engineering techniques in Analog and Mixed Signal Designs and know how to minimize noise.

The layout of Analog and Mixed Signal circuits is often more important than the actual circuit design. Therefore it is important that the layout team has a great deal of experience. CIS has this experience.

CIS' Analog and Mixed Signal Engineering Experience:
  • RF Design
    • AM/FM
    • Low Noise Amplifiers
    • Mixers
  • Low Voltage Analog Designs
    • Op Amp, Transconductor Amp, Comparator
    • VCO and PLL Designs
    • Continuous and Switched Capacitor Filter Design
    • Analog to Dugital Converter Design
  • Analog Engineering Techniques
    • Cascoding to improve gain and PSRR
    • Cascoding to improve current mirror performance
    • Matching circuits for bias current of voltage generation
    • Differential circuits for common mode noise rejection
    • Switched capacitor techniques for low power design
    • Sigma Delta techniques
    • PLL techniques
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