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The dramatic adcances in ASIC digital design has made custom digital chip design a thing of the past, but some digital circuits cannot be completed efficiently with an existing ASIC cells set. CIS has extensive experience in digital and analog engineering design and can design and layout area-efficient circuits compatible to ASIC interfaces, cell formats and design methodology.

CIS Custom Digital Circuit Design Experience:
  • I/O Circuit Design
    • ESD and Latch-Up Tolerant Designs
    • SCSI and ATA Designs
  • Memory Designs
  • Special ASIC Compatible Cells for Speed Path or Density Improvement
  • ASIC Interface to Analog or Electronically Incompatible IP Cells
  • System Level Design including
    • Chip Architecture and Logic Design
    • DSP, RISC, and Microprocessor Programming and Integration
    • Embedded Controller Software Development
    • Test Specifications and Pattern Generation
  • Micro-probing and Debug Services
  • Chip Photographic, Analysis and Reversal Service
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