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Teligent Bluetooth Converter


The Teligent Bluetooth Converter can eliminate the need of a landline service. It is ideal for houses or office buildings with cell phone "dead zones"; the cell phone can be left in an optimal area and the user can communicate through any standard phone in the house. The Bluetooth Converter is also great for camping trips to eliminate missed calls due to roaming out of service areas; the user can carry around a cordless phone while the cell phone stays in a safe and dry reception spot.

This device allows a cell phone signal to be converted (via Bluetooth) to a landline signal and routed easily to one or two standard or cordless telephones without any additional equipment. It also comes with a built-in PBX system that can allow up to 14 separate extensions.

The Teligent Bluetooth Converter is compatible with all known Bluetooth capable cell phones in the market, including Blackberries and iPhones.

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