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Small Office Features of the Teligent System 314:
  • I need a telephone system that is easily installed, easily modified by adding or relocating extensions, and easily re-installed at a new location if I move!
  • I need a telephone system that makes my company sound like a large professional company without investing more labor on a daily basis!
  • I need a telephone system that has extension dialing and voice mail to direct calls and take messages to save me labor costs, increase efficiency, and improve our work environment!
  • I have more than one business. I need a system that can answer each line differently, keep the calls separate, but accessible by all phones and instruments!
  • I need to access several different computers remotely without paying for a separate line for each!
  • I need to usemy fax line when it's not in use, but I don't want to miss any fax calls or interrupt a fax in mid transmission!
  • I'd like a backup fax so when my primary fax is busy or out of paper the fax message will automatically go to the back-up fax!
  • I occasionally need to roam the office, but I hate to miss that important call. I need a cordless phone to answer any of the 3 lines, call out on any line, transfer calls, make internal calls, and page!
  • I need my own private, secure fax in addition to our general fax machine!
  • I need music on hold and/or message (or advertisement) on hold capability!
  • I need to restrict the type of calls that can be made from certain phones!
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