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Home Office Uses of the Teligent System 314:
  • I need more than one telephone company line, but I don't want to rewire my house and I want to be able to disconnect, move, and re-install the system easily to another location in minutes.
  • My business phone needs professional features and sound, but I still want the advantages and politeness of an ideal home phone system. It would be nice to access calls from all lines from all instruments but keep track of each.
  • I need 3 lines that can have varied outgoing messages (home vs. business) or no message at all (ring through)!
  • I have a separate fax line which is expensive and wasteful, but when I try to share my fax with other phones, I have conflict problems!
  • Solves conflicts between fax machines and normal phones
  • I need to connect my computer to the telephone line without interference from phones or other instruments and I want to avoid the cost for a separate line for each computer!
  • I need to route personal calls during business hours and business calls after hours to a voice mail or answering machine!
  • I need to be able to handle business calls from any location in the home such as the kitchen, dining room, or garage and occasionally, a personal call from my office!
  • I need the portability of a cordless phone, but I don't want to give up the ability to access all lines, make internal calls, transfer calls, and page from it!
  • I want a phone system that fills my specific needs but they are always changing. I should be able to modify my system quickly (add a station, move a station) without shutting it off or interrupting service.
  • I need to access my computer, voice mail /answering machine, or faxes from a remote location!
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