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Needs at Home the Teligent System 314 Meets:
  • I need a separate line for my teenagers.
  • I need more lines in my house. I need a system that can provide more lines and install in minutes without expensive rewiring.
  • I need a sophisticated system that prevents accidental interruption to private conversations.
  • I need access to the phone lines for my computer and my fax without dedicating separate lines to those instruments.
  • I need separate answer machines for certain family members or a complete voice mail system.
  • I need a door phone that can screen entry, operate a door latch, and be reached from any phone in the house.
  • I need a full featured COM network for the house with paging.
  • I need a system that is easy to move and modify.
  • I need access to my X10 (or other) home control system without complicated conflicts with other phone, faxes, or computers.
  • I need to easily connect to my security systems, dial up any room and listen in or challenge intruders.
  • I need to be able to switch to Night Mode (no ring, all calls to answering machine) from any phone in the house.
  • I need a security access so that only select individuals can ring my phone, the rest go to my answering machine.
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