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The Teligent 314 provides up to three lines to the phone company, fourteen extensions and one internal COM line on theexisting single-line telephone wiring. The existing phone wiring is divided into four frequency bands to allow four simultaneous information channels. This allows, for example, three phone conversations and one fax transmission to take place at the same time on the single telephone wiring. A Teligent 314 System example is shown below.
Photo of Teligent System
The Teligent 314 Series system comprises a system phone, a controllerand an adapter box:

Photo: system phone The System phone supports complete business
telephone features and connects directly to
in-house wire. The System phone has 15 one
touch and 15 two-touch memories. The system
phone is also available in a hands free
speaker phone version.
Photo: controller The Controller controls the system, answers
and routes calls, and creates the four
simultaneous voice paths on the existing
single-line in-house wiring (three external
lines and an internal COM line)
Photo: Adapter Box The Adapter Box displays line usage and
allows standard equipment such as faxes,
cordless phones, modems, fax/modem PC
cards, and answering machines to connect
to the system.

The features/benefits of the Teligent 314 include:
  • User programmable electronic receptionist(Auto Attendant)
  • Automatic fax routing
  • Music on hold
  • Extension dialing(Direct Inward Dialing)
  • Paging
  • Voice mail option
  • Call waiting
  • Call transfer
  • Redial
  • Conference calls
  • Call forwarding
  • Do not disturb
  • Line privacy
  • Line status LEDs
  • Toll restriction
  • Busy fax roll-over
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